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We at 180 Degrees Chiropractic are here to help turn your health around and direct you on your path to optimal health.  Most people's idea of chiropractic is the relief of neck pain, back pain, disc problems, whiplash and headaches. While chiropractic is very effective at treating those conditions most of our patients are surprised to find that they also experience relief from allergies, asthma, digestive problems, ear infections and carpal tunnel among other conditions.  Most of our patients also notice increased energy levels and immune system function.  Dr. Chris and Dr. Jen have taken care of patients ranging from infants to well into their golden years.  In our office chiropractic care is just one important key to achieving overall health.  We like to take a look at all aspects of a patient's health and lifestyle.  We offer safe gentle chiropractic care, mechanical traction, postural exercises, and advice on nutritional supplementation, stress management, and dietary habits. Every person's idea of optimal health is different and our goal is to help you figure yours out and lead you on the path to reaching your goals.

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