Dear 180 Degrees Family,

We hope this letter finds you doing well. We are writing this letter to announce some exciting changes starting on May 1st, 2015. We want you to join us in welcoming Dr. Tony Brooks as the new owner of the office (you may remember him from his time with us in December). We have decided to move closer to our nephews and back to warmer weather to the coast of Sunny Alabama.  We could not be more excited for the move and about what Dr. Tony has in store for you and the clinic. 

With the good news of bringing in Dr. Tony, we will begin to transition ourselves (Dr. Chris and Dr. Jen) out of the office.  For your benefit, we have been undergoing the time consuming task of discussing all of your files with Dr. Tony.  This will allow him to be familiar as possible with your records so he will be fully prepared to provide you with the best continued care.  We have full confidence and trust in him, or we would not leave your care in his hands. We have no doubt that he will be able to provide the same level of care to all of our patients as we not only share the same passion of creating healthy families, but we also have the same credentials and training. In addition, he will be completing the last module of his 15 month certification in pediatrics next month.  He has expressed his excitement to help all of you reach your health goals. 

With the change in ownership, there may be changes in how we will utilize your insurance benefits. On your first visit to the office we will check your benefits and discuss with you how to use them best. Dr. Tony has ensured us that he will honor all care plans and current charges.  If you are on an auto debit plan, your payments for May will not run in our current system. With the change of ownership comes a change in credit card processors, therefore to continue with your payments we will need to set you up in the new system.  As always, with the auto debit plans, if for any reason you stop care any unused visits are refundable.

Dr. Tony will have ownership of all of the patient files and x-rays. If you should need any of your records for any reason you can contact the office for instructions on how to receive a copy of your file.

To ensure a smooth transition, Dr. Jen will be in the office until May 15th and Dr. Chris will be here until at least May 29th. We will absolutely miss all of you. Our years here have been filled with many rewarding experiences and memorable patients.  Should you have any questions or suggestions on how we may better serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact the office at the number below.  Should you have any questions or concerns directly for us feel free to email us at and 

Best wishes for your health and happiness.

Yours in Health,
Chris Aliment and Jen Aliment


MEET Dr. Tony Brooks and Family

Father of one 13 month old boy, Ryle (Kyle with an R), married to Heidi Brooks (Office Manager), fur daddy (9 year old Pit Bull mix named Susie), and Structural Chiropractor. He was born and raised in Roseville, CA. After high school he attended the University of Arizona only to leave during his freshman year (due to 9/11) to join the United States Army. He served 6 years as a U.S. Army Ranger at Joint Base Lewis-McChord where he served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. On his very last parachute jump, things did not go as planned and he had a very rough landing, bad enough that he was experiencing Chronic Secondary Conditions. He ended his career in the Army with a bang so to speak. After consulting 4 different surgeons and hearing that the "ONLY option" was surgery, he was shown that this was not necessarily true. His wife dragged him into a Chiropractor's office (against his will at the time) and lo and behold, he regained his life. After a very long course of care (and now lifetime Protection care), he decided that he wanted to help people regain their health and lives as he had experienced. Upon leaving the Army, he enrolled at the University of Southern California where he graduated with Bachelor's in Biology. After graduation, he moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the University of Western States to obtain his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He worked in Portland for a friend where he quickly learned that he would like to open his own clinic. Tony and his family moved to Redmond in September of last year to start a practice. Tony focuses on Structural Correction of the spine for the entire family. He will also finish his 15 month International Chiropractic Pediatric Association certification in June.  He can't express how excited he is to deliver the highest quality of care possible and to help everyone reach their health goals! As ALWAYS, he is available for any questions that you may have about this upcoming transition.

The office will be changing names in the near future. To learn more about Dr. Tony, the office, or to make and appointment visit  Also check out his facebook page